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Why YamYam?

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Why YamYam? I will try to explain it.

My job, which I love very much, forces me to drive 250km a day to reach my company headquarters. I know, that’s a lot of kilometers, both in terms of driving time and in terms of fuel costs and wear of the car.

And so, to reduce costs and the fatigue of driving, over the years I have formed a small group of people, later become friends, sharing a stretch of road as many clearly do with the same goal. And therefore, of course, we alternate in using the car.

That’s all? Not at all! 😊

In reality, as is well known, it is not at all easy to share a car in a peaceful and above all lasting way. If the goal is to reduce costs on the personal budget, it is clear that there will be a lot of attention in achieving it, sometimes in a meticulous way; because, let’s face it, after all, sharing a car is certainly advantageous, but between habitual latecomers and occasional absentees, it is sometimes really difficult to keep track.

And so after several attempts and many kilometres, I have developed and refined an infallible method for alternating driving. My method takes into account the situations in which one or more crew members are absent, and it is still necessary to determine who should drive. All this ensuring that in the long run the number of guides is divided equally among the crew members.

At the beginning, the method was on paper! We had a notebook on which we marked the rides (yes I know, all this is very antediluvian); then we moved on to messages on smartphones; but also composing the messages after a while became frustrating and so I said to myself: let’s further simplify the method to count who has to drive today.

And this method I have translated into YamYam. Do you want to try it? Download it here!

Download YamYam from the App Store

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