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YamYam Carpooling 1.1.0

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Today we have released YamYam version 1.1.0, the innovative iOS App for carpooling!

Here are the main features of this first YamYam major update:

  • Localization of YamYam Carpooling to English language and release on the Apple App Store for use all over the world.
  • Improved performance when downloading crew data from the cloud. In this way, accessing the data of your crews is much faster, as well as economical for your mobile data plan.
  • Update to the iOS 14 version of the operating system.
  • Bug fixes.

Have you ever felt that you go to work to be able to afford the car that you use to go to work? So why not to save on fuel costs, tolls and car wear?

Of course, one of the ways to save on car costs is to form a close-knit crew with a group of friends or colleagues. If you manage to agree to take the car in turn, the savings are guaranteed! But how to keep track of the rides made together, of the absences, of the appointments? Here comes YamYam to the rescue.

What can you do with YamYam 1.1.0? With YamYam you can:

  • Invite your friends to join your crew. Each crew has a recurring starting point and destination.
  • YamYam will suggest, before each new trip, who of your crew should share his/her car.
  • Log who actually shares his/her car, even if YamYam’s suggestion isn’t feasible, so you can take it into account next time.
  • Book appointments for your crew and keep an eye on who has joined. So you don’t waste time on unnecessary phone calls or wasting time waiting at the meeting point.

Do you want to try YamYam? Download it from here.

If you want to know how YamYam idea was born, see here.

Download YamYam from the App Store

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