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YamYam Carpooling 1.2.0

We released YamYam 1.2.0 today with the Sign In with Apple feature

Download YamYam from the App Store
Download the updated version from the Apple App Store

We have released YamYam Carpooling 1.2.0, your new favorite app for personal carpooling!

We work every day to make YamYam faster, easier and more fun, but above all more effective in allowing you to save up to 80% of car costs in reaching your favorite leisure or business destinations!

In YamYam Carpooling 1.2.0 we have added the Sign in with Apple registration mode. So, this will make it even easier to join the YamYam user community.

YamYam Carpooling 1.2.0

And what is it about? It is the federal access mode offered by Apple that allows you to create an account for an App (in this case YamYam) without providing your e-mail address or a password, but using your iCloud account behind an anonymous email address.

So in this way the privacy of the YamYam user is protected and guaranteed by the biometric sensors (faceId or touchId) of the most recent Apple devices.

And it’s much more comfortable. Instead of inventing passwords and struggling to remember them, you can let your phone do it all! Convenient isn’t it?

But how does it work? It’s very simple: just click on the Sign in with Apple button and follow the instructions. You can choose with which name and surname to register your account, and you can also choose whether or not to provide your real e-mail address. And even if you choose not to provide your real email address, you will still be able to receive our communications through your Apple account.

By the way, we have also plans to add additional federal access service providers in future releases. Which? Well, we’re working on it 😊. But if you have a preference, leave a comment!

Download YamYam from the App Store
Download the updated version from the Apple App Store

Of course in this version we have also fixed several bugs that in some particular cases gave an unexpected behaviour to the application.

You can check release not for YamYam Carpooling 1.1.0 here.

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